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All Loved.
All Welcomed.
All Affirmed. Always.

Information for Visitors and Newcomers

Being new can be intimidating. We are here to help make your first visit a great experience! Our worship celebration begins at 10:30 am every Sunday. When you walk in you will be greeted and handed a program with the service for the day and some information about our community. You are welcome to sit wherever you are most comfortable.

Where are we? We are located at 607 W. Main Street Medford, Oregon. We have parking lots located on the side of the Church Building off of Laurel Street. There is a ramp into the building accessed from the parking lot.

Do people dress up for church? No. We’re a casual group. You will see people in church with t-shirts and others with more professional or formal attire. Wear whatever’s comfortable. We don’t need to dress up for God.


Are your Sunday morning activities “family friendly?” Children are always welcome in our church! Children are completely welcome in our worship service.  We enjoy the enthusiasm that young folks add to the atmosphere, so don’t worry that they will be out of place.  We also have “activity clipboards” for younger kids.  Children are welcome to participate in worship as they feel comfortable. They are welcome to sing and dance along to the music, explore the sanctuary, and just be kids. 


Can I bring my infant? Of course you can! We welcome infants here at First UMC even if they are crying.  In addition, we have a nursery for ages 0-3 years.


What is your worship service like? During the first half of our service we hear a few announcements about upcoming activities, sing some songs . . . both old and new and join together in prayer.  We have a pianist and guitarist weekly and once per month are treated to organ music and our bell choir.  Finally, we sing some more and hear the morning message


What is Holy Communion? Holy Communion is a ritual celebrated by Christians worldwide. Our Holy Communion table is not a United Methodist table, but the Lord’s Table and all who wish to commune with Christ are welcomed. Each denomination of Christianity celebrates it a little different. We celebrate communion as a reminder of God’s love for us and the promise of redemption made in the death and resurrection of Christ Jesus. We remember the words Jesus spoke to his friends at the Passover table in the days leading up to Jesus’ crucifixion. Jesus broke bread and shared wine with his friends telling them to remember him whenever they do so. Today when we eat the bread representing Christ’s body and drink from the cup representing the promise of redemption and the forgiveness of sins, we remember that God loves us beyond any understanding we could possibly imagine. In the act of communion we offer ourselves as holy and living sacrifice promising to be the hands and feet of Christ to the world.

Please join us for worship in our sanctuary on Sundays at 10:30am. We do our best to have our worship services posted on YouTubeFacebook, and here on our website by Sunday evening. To receive our weekly updates of church happenings, email the church office at or call the church office at 541-773-3691.  

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